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07/22/2023 - CW Update


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  • Fixed chat tabs showing when the "disable all chat tabs" was enabled.



  • Enabled summer food drops for NPCs.
  • Added new battle-pass.
    • Special ocean man emote.
    • Several icons for titles.
    • Several titles.
    • Several summer related cosmetics.
    • Several calling cards.
    • other goodies.
  • Added calling cards.
  • Added calling cards to cosmetics.
  • Added new summer cosmetics.
  • Added Trivia hacking minigame.
    • Some easy to medium yes/no questions you have to answer.
  • Updated 32nd Models.
    • Added new models.
    • Added lore name list.
  • Updated Naval models
    • Added ARF & Heavy models
  • Updated custom classes.
  • Updated death screen.
    • Added support for calling cards.
    • Room for death stats in the future.
  • Updated 104WP ARF models.
  • Updated Halloween battlepass cost (reduced).
  • Updated Engine Room Lobby compass name to "Lobby"
  • Updated Jedi Hilt Icons in the inventory.
  • Updated sabers to no longer emit light when your Night vision is enabled (reduces flickering from dynamic light limits).
  • Updated crafting menu to support item colours.
  • Updated LVS repairs so you can also repair to max HP.
  • Updated LVS repair amount to 25% from 10%.
  • Updated Master electro staff to electro staff values
  • Updated PLX-1 missile tracking (should be more responsive)
  • Updated some HUD element sizes
  • Fixed crystals not displaying in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed failsafe minigame.
  • Fixed Jedi flashlight toggling on/off when you die.
  • Fixed Jedi bail button showing when you do not have permission to bail someone.
  • Fixed Y-Wing bomber not spawning in hangar.
  • Fixed cosmetics loading on LVS ships.
  • Fixed LVS accepting inputs when menus are open.
  • Fixed alt fire on Y-Wing.
  • Fixed HSD and AAT default factions.
  • Fixed Combine + Rebel NPC teams being flipped.
  • Fixed LVS repairs not using new inventory API.
  • Fixed NPC loot not always dropping or causing issues with inventory syncing
    • Only items that were dropped by NPCs were effected.


RC model update, 212th and Jedi class will be available mid week.

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