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03/30/2024 - CWRP Update


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  • Enabled Easter seasonal content.
  • Added Incubator.
    • Put in a special egg that can hatch after 6 hours. 
    • Upon hatching it will give you 3 random gifts (present system).
    • Rare drop from NPC kills.
    • Will be given in a seasonal quest released during the week.
  • Added some new easter cosmetics.
    • 3 Calling cards.
    • 2 DC15s skins.
    • 1 NT-24 skins.
    • (some pets to come later that can be obtained by the Incubator).
  • Added Enable Crosshair on ADS.
  • Added change weapon organiser.
    • Order your weapon switcher UI as you please.
    • Accessed by the C menu or /weaponorganiser.
    • Requires VIP+.
  • Added back /setprice for gambling machines.
  • Added support for secondary crystal on "single" sabers (E.g. using a staff hilt).
  • Updated CG.
    • Updated Jedi classes between CG and ORG.
  • Updated Navy.
    • Added LTCMD - CAPT to grey naval cosmetic models.
    • Added lore names.
    • Fixed lore name typo.
  • Updated 327th.
    • Added 1 of each Jedi class to KC.
    • Moved heavies to KC.
  • Updated Wookiee class to use Bowcaster by default.
  • Updated NT242.
    • Increased damage by 2.
    • Increased fire rate by 33%.
  • Updated jetpacks to have active state saved across death for the session.
  • Updated Trading Terminal.
    • Added History.
    • Added terminal to ERL and removed terminals from OOC lounge.
    • Updated UI.
    • Fixed sorting.
  • Updated crafting menu to warn you that your inventory is too full.
  • Updated cosmetics to save and load the latest preset on connect.
  • Updated PLX so it does not need a target to fire.
  • Updated medic talents to be on their own talent tier.
  • Fixed srp_radiomute.
  • Fixed how VIP+ store item checks for permanent VIP.
  • Fixed spawnmenu sorting.
  • Fixed LVS Maintenance Station.
  • Fixed containers and triggers not displaying all available weapons to spawn/give.
  • Fixed bossbars showing above weapon switcher.
  • Fixed Weapon Module whitelisting (Fixed GL and Grenades).
  • Fixed errors with the present system when receiving RC instead of a random cosmetic.
  • Removed Grenade Launcher Grenades and Rocket Launcher Rockets from the droid store.
  • Winner 6
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