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08/09/17 - CWRP Update


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As usual with any new models that get added, you will need to restart Garry's Mod to get the new workshop pack.

  • Added name changes to logs.
  • Added Jedi Council (Just Jedi Master with a different tag)
  • Updated Lightsaber heavy attack to halt movement when initiating the attack.
  • Added various Jedi Models.
  • Added various Lightsaber hilts and melee weapons.
    • Some staff models
    • Vibrosword
    • Electro Staff
    • Vibro Pike
  • Added "observation"/descriptive command to show what your RP character is observing.
  • Added Altos new models to the workshop (so they can be used on any map).
  • Added /setnpcmodel . Makes npcs spawn with that model until you run the command with no arguments.
  • Added FPS monitory. It will freeze (and then remove) npcs and other shit that doesn't need to be around if it keeps lagging.
  • Updated battalion linking to allow parent and child battalion permissions to work across all battalions.
  • Updated various NPCs and entities health and scaled damage. Shit is probably going to be a lot more unforgiving now.
  • Updated Jail system.
    • The jailing works the same thing. Once you jail someone a notification will popup on the top right of your screen. Clicking "Fill Out" will present another menu to you where you can increase jail time, set bail and comment that will broadcast to the server and be stored on the server for two weeks. CDRs and CG can review this information anytime they want (next update) and if it is not filled out then they will just be arrested as normal.
  • Updated/extended groups for better tag support for senators/custom members
  • Updated random ship breakages to happen less often and for a lower duration
  • Updated base NPC health
  • Updated event character spawn to the eventcontrol room (/eventcontrol)
  • Updated naval health +200
  • Updated Chat and Voice UI @BrudrBear
  • Updated permaprops to remove lag when spawning large amounts of props (ty @KingofBeast)
  • Updated to latest wOS animation base
  • Updated lightsabers to support different holstering attachments, no glow, crystals, special effects and invisible blades for the new melee weapons.
  • Fixed Lightsabers sometimes erroring when switching forms between dual and single lightsabers
  • Fixed multiple notifications showing nil or tables
  • Fixed F1 menu error when sat in a vehicle
  • Fixed Anakin's name showing Knight instead of Guardian
  • Fixed unwanted showing CG name instead of target
  • Fixed hangar erroring when no map config is present

Thank you to @JeffChase for porting the new Jedi and weapon models. http://fi1.es/Vx9Vi/download

Next restart hotfix, don't make bug reports about them.

  • Fixed /description not working
  • Fixed talk/voice icons not removing themselves
  • Enabled Jedi Council
  • Fixed LAAT1 and LAAT2 accidently being rolled back (will show in Q menu again)
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Also rather have a cooldown on heavy attack instead of standing still while its happening. The stand still part ruins quite a bit of the heavy attacks.

Can blame those that fight as if that was the only attack that existed just to inflate their ego.
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