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06/20/2019 - MilRP Update


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New gpakr content is needed for this update. This means you might have to restart your Garry's Mod and make sure you have FastDL options enabled.

  • Added new models for 101st, 1st and 75th
  • Added new models for SAS. (rip swimming mans)
  • Added Sterling
  • Added mp40
  • Added HP debuff to FOBs when placed too close to POIs
  • Added sway and reload viewpunch back to weapon base
  • Added cooldown support to spawnpoint base
  • Added 120s cooldown to FOB spawning
  • Added shotgun ammo
  • Added salvaging to right click on repair tool
    • Updated the cooldown to 5 seconds
  • Added /impound and salvaging on owned vehicles and badly damaged vehicles
    • Will receive scrap metal when salvaging (right click with repair tool)
    • Will remove when doing /impound.
  • Added /location command.
    • Mostly for CWRP but designated areas of the map will be assigned names over time.
  • Added mines for engineers
    • Must be prone or crouched
    • Cannot be placed in super steep areas.
    • Press E on the mine to burry them some more.
    • Right click with repair tool to remove the mine.
    • The mine will be armed when something goes over it.
    • Will not explode until the last thing to go over it walks off it.
  • Updated ammo to be refunded upon disconnect
  • Updated raid cooldown from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Updated raid duration from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Updated shotgun damages
  • Updated how recoil works on all weapons.
    • Experimental. Likely way easier to control so recoil on some guns may need to be adjusted
  • Updated /want and /unwant to display the players last known location if a location they're in is set
    • Mostly for CWRP but designated areas of the map will be assigned names over time.
  • Fixed raid timer trying to sync to new players when the raid had already finished
  • Fixed being able to stun the enemy faction + showing wrong tracer
  • Fixed weapon caches not exploding
  • Fixed being able to avoid minefield damage
  • Fixed /endtruce
  • Disabled RAM pickup for now (seems to be causing crashes?)
  • Removed eventmode requirements from /raid and added a note in confirmation window to warn you
  • Winner 15
  • Friendly 1
  • Optimistic 1
  • Artistic 1
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I’ve actually been thinking for a while now that the gunplay needed a change, if the recoil really is being toned down that would be a good start, might make a post about this later

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