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06/15/17 - Update


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  • Quotes no longer nest, you have to toggle them now
  • Accidentally pushed unfinished changes to the notifications drop down


  • Fixed admin keypad checker
  • Fixed a credits menu error
  • Fixed something on the keypads that I cannot remember
  • Updated Protester description
  • Changed Protestor from the alternative spelling to Protester
  • Protest signs will no longer play sounds when you're tabbed out


  • Danktown and C18 are on a backup dedi while the network issues with our host are being sorted out, our old IPs will redirect to it and CWRP will likely follow tomorrow if there's no issues
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Don't know what was supposed to be fixed with keypads other than them being able to paste with dupes again? Can't check that cuz I'm at work but I've been told that keypads are still super slow when typing in a code.

But very nice update penguin!

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