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09/07/2019 - MilRP Update


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As usual restart your game to get the correct packed content if it is buggy for you. A lot of these base features will also be available on CWRP in the next week.

  • AK47 is temporary changed to the CSS model until I find out what is wrong with it
  • Added updated map.
    • Map source provided by the original map creator and further edited by @Yous
    • Added a few buildings to each base
    • Added underground to the fields
    • Added Power Plant
    • Added HQ/Mosque place in the Rebel base
    • Added FOB around the gas station
    • Updated several buildings in each base
    • Updated jail cells
  • Added "Underground Bunks" point to the underground area
  • Added triumphs backend
    • Tracking stats ready for when the menu is ready
    • Can see the work in progress by typing "triumphs" into console.
  • Added swrp_quickswitch to the options menu
  • Added zones to parts of the base (Recruitment, Day Area and the base itself)
    • Mostly used so I can designate video player audio triggers
  • Added weapon hud_lastwep to switch to the previous weapon
  • Added error notifcations to /endtruce
  • Added YT player to Day Areas
  • Added additional raid modules
    • Medical Equiptment
      • Delays spawning for defenders, reduced for attackers
    • Jail cell security
      • Forces open all Jail Cells
    • Vaults
      • Invest in next raid and get a 20% return if you don't let the vault break.
      • If you are the attacker and you blow up the vault the total investments are split among the active players on the attackers side. Giving a minimum of 2.5k. Whichever is more.
      • Cannot be repaired. Automatically repaired when a raid ends.
    • Communications Tower
      • Disables Communicaiton for the defenders
    • Each module gives you 2.5k for destroying.
  • Updated Terrorist side to Rebels.
  • Updated raid time to 30 minutes from 20
  • Updated deploy timer to only apply on deploy now and several exploits fixed
  • Updated shields (can /pickup like CWRP etc)
  • Updated gate module to stop the gate from closing automatically when it is turned on
  • Updated ADS speed to be a lot faster
  • Updated nameplates
    • Now display armour and multiple levels of HP
    • Displays more than 1 status icon at a time
  • Updated gamemode loader
    • Fixed bugs with double loading configurations and trying to load the base gamemode when it didn't need to.
    • Increased loading performance.
    • Added a list of configs that were loaded to the console.
    • Added colouring to be easier to seperate different load states.
    • Added faster way to load clientside permanent props and some other shit you don't care about.
  • Updated /spawnvehicle <id> permissions to GM+
  • Updated gmtogglemodule to fix modules as well
  • Fixed a bug where cooldowns were being reset when trying to enter vehicles (fixes not being able to get into the vehicle most of the time)
  • Fixed SAS CBM not being able to buy medical gloves
  • Fixed fast weapon switching not working with number keys
  • Fixed poll ui %ages
  • Fixed/catched possible Group menu bugs
  • Fixed (?) group permissions with connected groups (for CWRP doesn't have a use here yet)
  • Fixed several suicide vest exploits
  • Fixed /emote exploit
  • Fixed (possibly) weapons being give back to jailed players on reconnect
  • Fixed edit permissions on UK MAJ+ ranks
  • Fixed T-posing NPCs
  • Fixed several issues with secondary weapons being removed when a utility item was selected in loadouts
  • Fixed cosmetics loading too early when selecting a character for the first time
  • Removed thirdperson view for vehicles

What is being worked on for next update?

  • New weapon for SAS
  • Changing how IEDs are used so they have to be placed. Will increase the damage to compencate for that.
  • Adding an actual vehicle base instead of using the base source vehicles. Should mean more vehicles will be added soon.
  • Making gas station capturable that will spawn ammo, motorpool and a single heli spawn zone for the faction that owns it. (Only way Rebels will be able to spawn a transport helicopter).
  • Triumphs - Earn rewards and shit for doing stuff ingame.
  • Cuffs/Binding of players. Requires a time to bind them. If you are in an enforcement battalion and you use it on your own faction it will be instant.
  • Whatever outstanding bugs that are reported on the forums
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the only negative thing i have in mind is the delay for weapons, now i basically cannot use the RPG as effectively as i used to. the delay means i basically CANNOT react to choppers unless i already have it taken out 30 seconds before it appeared, i also cannot fight back with small arms incase im under attack

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