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10/04/2019 - CWRP Update


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Content was updated. May require you to restart your game. Remember to enable downloads in the options menu if you are having issues. Models provided by @Tobester.

  • Updated gamemode base to be inline with MilRP changes.
    • Gamemode loaded differently. Faster, fixed bugs (loading configs twice) and load orders
    • UI changes
  • Added several (not all) cosmetics. @Tobester
  • Added landmines
  • Added Triumphs
  • Added dual DE10
  • Added cloak to omegalul squad
  • Added color change option to bodygroup cosmetics section
    • Changes your players model color if it supports it.
    • Mainly for Twilek, ARF and R2 models
  • Added srp_cloakremove
  • Added srp_jetpack & srp_jetpackremove
  • Added Hound + Stone Model
  • Added 104 and 104WP + Lore Models
  • Added back water animations for players
  • Added aquadroid mans from @Freddo
  • Added GM Objectives
    • Allows Gamemasters to set objectives to everyone or to a group. Display in the top right corner. For the commands the <position> argument is where its placed on the HUD. Status can be complete, failed, inactive and active. There are group versions that will only show to the group or to GMs if they have it enabled in the F4 menu.
    • /gobjectivegroupremove <groupid> <position>
    • /gobjectivegroupupdate <position> <groupid> <status>
    • /gobjectiveaddgroup <position> <groupid> <status> <name>|<description>
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • /gobjectiveremove <position>
    • /gobjectiveupdate <position> <status>
    • /gobjectiveadd <position> <status> <name>|<description>
  • Added GM Containers test
    • Lets you add configurations on a per NPC, player, group or entity class. A simple way to save stats for your GM events. You can share settings with others by going to /data/sup/gmcontainers/ and sharing the json files you want to share. Currenly only supports NPCs but the other selections will be added once this is known to be working well.
  • Added turret base
    • Basic turret added to the Liberator.
  • Added the ability for GMs to spawn one for their own ships.
  • Added Grapple Hook
    • Deployed by ARF
    • Shoot under/on ledge to place hook
    • Walk up to climb it like a ladder.
    • Press E or space to jump off the hook.
    • You must move away from the hook once you get to the top to get back on it again.
    • Can shoot while climbing
    • Viewmodel made by @Tobester
  • Added republic shotgun to loadouts
  • Added ARF to RP
  • Added BM to battalions
  • Added 327 Lore names to F4 menu
  • Added back droidbait to 501st TC
  • Added 187th Lore Characters
  • Added jetpacks & cloaks to event characters
  • Added hangar permissions to RCION
  • Added impact grenades
  • Added the ability to pay RC to change name at HR droid
  • Added Weapon Skins by @Tobester
  • Updated spawn menu to show what spawn point you have selected
  • Updated Guardian health by 10%
  • Updated setrank/setclass menu
  • Updated setmarker to broadcast to all players in the radio channel
  • Updated setmarker to 2 minute duration
  • Updated feedback menu to always grab focus (no longer goes behind menus)
  • Updated 501 ARC runspeed and removed medkit from Jesse
  • Updated RC repair tool loadout slot & moved stungun to slot 3
  • Updated 327 colour
  • Updated Luminara model
  • Updated funcmodule rendering
  • Updated gun base to allow firing underwater
  • Updated gunbase to be inline with MilRP changes
    • Gun aims where the recoil is going to.
    • Gun recoil is no longer completly random,
    • Safetying cannot be disabled by shooting.
  • Updated togglelange text to show as yellow
  • Updated Radio channel UI
  • Update all weapon stats from Walkers suggestion
  • Updated RP spawnpoint
  • Updated R2 mech to change color
  • Fixed toggle forceleap disabling all force powers
  • Fixed GM remove commands not working for offline steamids
  • Fixed droid classes all showing as "Droid" in the F4 class change dropdown
  • Fixed being able to drop items while jailed
  • Fixed third person throwing animation on grenades
  • Fixed talent menu only selecting the first 3 talents (so only RM would ever show for LVL40)
  • Fixed GM given time not updating
  • Fixed heavy attack not uncloaking player
  • Fixed missing training and Hangar logs
  • Fixed map list order in /changemap
  • Fixed jetpack and cloak being visible while /ghosted
  • Fixed spriting reseting attack cooldown on gunbase
  • Fixed cosmetic loading v23423423253
  • Fixed "Online Only" f4 menu not applying automatically
  • Fixed being able to cloak while firing
  • Fixed /runspeed
  • Fixed crafting table not working if its the base table
  • Fixed having to run /notarget twice instead of once when you die with it enabled.
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1 minute ago, Braeden said:

What does BM Stand for?


Battle Master. It should have been in there since first Anaxes update (3-4 weeks ago) but I put it in with a few others since it was never logged in an update.

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