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11/12/2019 - Update


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  • Chatbox history now retains whether or not "Y" or "U" were pressed and will resend messages in the proper channel


  • Added new chat sounds:
    • "Behind You"
    • "Civil Protection"
    • "Can't you see I'm busy"
  • Added new chat sound variants:
    • "Combine"
    • "Ammo"
    • "Figures"
  • Advertisements:
    • Added a 20 second cool down
    • Added a setting to hide them (F4->Settings->Chat)
  • Battering ram:
    • Props are now faded like a fading door until their owners warrant expires instead of deleting them
    • Now gives you a notification when you're targeting something you can't target
  • Player Blocking (Mic button in the tab menu):
    • When blocking someone they are now indefinitely blocked until you unblock them
    • Blocked channels: Voice, /pm, /advert, /radio, /broadcast, /ooc, /org, /me
    • This will also carry over to CW/MilRP once @Scott implements it
  • Media players:
    • Lowered maximum video length to 10 minutes (You guys were freezing our download server)
    • Hopefully fixed seemingly random breakage
  • Added group team bans (if you get banned from one team in a group, you get banned from all of them) (same teams as group chats/agendas)
  • Karma rewards for arresting illegal items are now based on what they cost not the reward you get
  • Lowered weapon skin prices by about 70-80%
  • Demotion cool down no longer applies to leader roles
  • Trying to use a gun license when you already have a license now just notifies you that you can't use it
  • Fixed the force arrest command
  • Fixed not spawning with fists after dying in jail
  • Fixed kidnap HUD spazzing around
  • Fixed some of the colors in the server UI becoming semi transparent
  • Fixed super critical spelling typo in the skills descriptions
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Nice. @sma$hi thoughts?

thank god you fixed that super critical typing error for the skills menu



Am I responsible for any misfortune that may arise as a result of blocking a staff member? ➢ Yes. If you choose to block a staff member and find yourself in a situation where they are attempting to instruct you staff wise, but you cannot see said instruction, that will be your own mess to deal with.

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