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3/29/2020 - Danktown Map Update


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Danktown is finally updated! A lot of changes going on



    3 shops where the secondary path to the suburbs were across from kappels

    3 shops next to the mall

    A chapel that replaces the playground

    Both of the offices in the warehouse area were split with shops on the bottom

    Fine antiques was split into two bases with a shop on the bottom.

    Hobo cave was made more elaborate

    New raid path into police station prison


    Waterworks layout was overhauled

    Red Stone Cargos layout was overhauled

    Casali shafting layout was overhauled

    Bank layout was reverted to old layout with additional space and new vault

    Veikko layout was overhauled

    Marr Freight Co. layout was overhauled

    Liberty Mall layout was overhauled

    Police station had a slight layout change with evidence room now being in the prison and old evidence room being turned into a break room

    Factory layout was overhauled

    Kappels now has another window

    Grates were added to the streets to let players peer into the underground

    Ramps were added to all of the boxcar bases making them no longer jump bases

    Various texture fixes

    Kellco's double staircase was changed to a fat one

    Tunnel between bank side and the spawn exit was removed

    Club second floor now has glass covering the disco floor and a door was added to get to the second level. Entrance door was reduced to one and a button was added to lock/unlock the door

    Some bases in the underground were tweaked to look better

    Grass coverage was changed to look a little nicer

    Whitakers Gun shop layout was improved with another set of doors

    Various Optimizations

    Railcars in the underground were merged into two single bases

    Lighting was updated a bit



Pictures! (It's an album, click the link)




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glad I could test it and tell you everything wrong with it

you missed a bit TWO VHS, nice going 

asdev5u.jpg < Rear of PD

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