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11/13/2020 - CWRP Update


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  • Several gpakr content packs were updated this time. Please make sure you have downloads enabled and RESTART YOUR GARRYSMOD if you are seeing models BEFORE you make a bug report
  • Thank you to the players that dedicated their time to the RM


  • Added Medic Officer and Medic Trooper classes
    • Has access to the stim kit boost
    • Can self stim
    • Can revive
  • Added cooldown info to patrol notifications
  • Added player joined messages to patrols
  • Added /trainer
    • Allows anyone with the /train command to see and use this chat
  • Added /h (help)
    • Allows anyone with less than 10 hours or more than 500 hours to see this chat.
    • Probably not going to be used at all but its there in the future if it needs expanding on I guess
  • Added 41st ARF models
  • Added server mandolorian models
  • Added various props
  • Updated 501st models
  • Updated ARC models
  • Updated 187th models
  • Updated Naval models
  • Updated 41st models
  • Updated 104th models
  • Updated drop rate of sand by 300%
  • Updated grenade bounce physics
  • Updated emplacement health values
    • Small sandbags updated to 3500 HP
    • Reinforced Barriers updated to 7500 HP
  • Updated location to only work on wanted players
  • Fixed plasma guns having pushback on players
  • Fixed using inventory inside of mortal kombat
  • Fixed RC models
  • Removed RM

Props ported by Freddo. All other models created and/or edited by Tobester.

  • Winner 32
  • Zing 2
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