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3/31/2021 - Update


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  • Improved auto reconnects ability to tell if the server is actually down or if it's just packet loss
  • Fixed an exploit that could lag the server and peoples games


  • Binds:
    • Added new macros
      • {my.Money}
      • {my.Karma}
      • {my.Job}
      • {my.Org}
      • {my.Weapon}
    • Fixed menu breaking when you add a bind without setting a key
  • Added new portal tool for events
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1 hour ago, Zyrow said:

What does these new Macros do?

"I have {my.Money}; that's fuck you money!"

Making that a bind would resolve to:

"I have $10,000,000; that's fuck you money!"

Or more accurately you'd be using:

"I have {my.Money}. I need donations."


Or more accurately if I've learned anything about the autism on DarkRP you'd probably want this if yous an unloyal hoe who goes from Org to Org so you dont have to keep rebinding.

"{my.Org} on top"

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