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6/4/2021 - Update


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  • Added muted icon to voice box if player is muted
  • You may now play on DarkRP, CWRP and MilRP at the same time using the -multirun startup parameter
    • Note: You cannot play on two of the same servers at the same time.


  • New Weapons (Thanks for the sounds @sza)
    • Tommy Gun:
      • Medium damage
      • Medium fire rate
      • Low accuracy
      • 50 round magazine
      • Cost 14k
      • Replaces the Mob Bosses current weapon
    • TEC-9 (Mac-10 Alternative):
      • Medium damage
      • High fire rate
      • Low accuracy
      • 32 round magazine
      • Cost 9k
    • .454 Raging Bull (.357 Alternative):
      • High damage
      • Low fire rate
      • Low accuracy
      • Cost 10k
      • 1750 credits
  • Radio:
    • Added more channels (1-1000)
    • Added current channel to HUD
  • Playtime Ranks:
    • Added the ability to select which playtime rank you want to use
    • Added a 35k hour playtime rank
  • Added a MURICA Vape:
    • Red, White and Blue
    • 700 credits
  • Added Event Tools:
    • Added a minigun
      • Will also be in Kombat
    • SetGravity command
    • Increased CO textscreen limit
  • C4 Can Now Destroy:
    • Metal Detectors
    • Security Cameras
  • Roulette Machines (Hotfixed):
    • Fixed various conditions where you would win when you're not supposed to
    • Fixed price confirmation not showing
  • Improved 3D2D (Text/Icons above entities), better FPS, more aesthetically pleasing:
    • Dumpster
    • Bail Machine
    • Genome Machine
    • Med Lab
    • Armor Lab
    • Ammo Lab
    • Alcohol Lab
    • Drug Lab
    • Item Lab
    • Microwave
    • Weed Pots
  • Added muted indicators in place of the typing and talking icons above players
  • Added a button to the binds menu to select and auto fill macros
  • Added a police job cool down after you've been arrested
  • Added a reverse option to biometrics/tolls/buttons
  • Added forward slashes and apostrophes to the allowed characters for names and job names
  • Added a warrant list for police
  • Agenda and Arrest Warrants are now hidden when they're empty
  • Chat notifications now show disguise color at all times if disguised
  • Crosshair now shows while aiming in Third Person
  • Shipments may now be placed in dumpsters
  • Weed harvested from weed plants now has a 1 second delay before you can use it to prevent accidental usage
  • Raised base pocket space to 10 (If you have upgraded pocket space this increases your space as well)
  • Raised start money to 35k
  • Extended Danktown spawn zone into the sidewalk (See here)
  • Relocated Father George across the street from church on Danktown
  • Relocated dumpsters away from bases
  • Permanent grenades now spawn with 3 ammo
  • When dropping someone you're carrying the physgun is now auto selected
  • When revived the physgun is now auto selected
  • Slams may no longer be gravity gunned if you did not place them
  • Updated ammo lab model in the F4 menu to the current ammo lab model
  • Replaced the HL2 Armor Labs in PD with the Black Market Dealer Armor Labs
  • Life logs now show if you killed someone while they have VOCID-19
  • Fixed previously disabled skills not saving their enabled status when you re-enable them
  • Fixed job name showing when you're a police class and put on a disguise
  • Fixed Spy being force undisguised when arresting and wanting people
  • Fixed the 3rd dose of Bath Salts having a 50% overdose chance instead of a 5% chance
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17 minutes ago, c4c4 said:



37 minutes ago, Boots said:


I wasn't joking, I will seriously get perma grenades and the merica vape once that summer sales up. Dead serious :Hahaa:

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8 minutes ago, Boots said:


I wasn't joking, I will seriously get perma grenades and the merica vape once that summer sales up. Dead serious :Hahaa:

oh bet lemme join in

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