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8/4/2018 - SSRP Update


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After the longest time CWRP has been with out an update it gets one once more. A huge amount of the gamemode has been recoded or changed altogether so there are bound to be things that are broke. Please make sure to report them in the bug report section  if there hasn't been a report made already. The game mode is now running on SSRP Base which is nearly everything you see on the server. It will hopefully be useful for future projects and allows me to add things with much more ease.

  • Added new allegiance system.
    • Civilian group was removed and will now use new allegiance presets for androids and human civilians
  • Added new group system.
  • Added new group UI.
    • Able to see other battalions Agendas once more.
    • Grouped by rank.
    • Ordered by name.
    • Colour coded for inactivity (2 weeks = red, 1 week = orange).
    • Able to see public agenda.
    • Able to view all available classes and rank slots for that battalion.
    • Easier to use invite, promotion and kick menu.
    • You can now run setrank and class on you and people of the same rank.
  • Added the ability to kick, promote and demote offline characters.
  • Added class system.
    • Also doubles as a lore name system.
  • Added Jedi Guardian, Sentinel and Consular classes to every battalion.
  • Added new Jedi classes in place of old Jedi Ranks. Most do nothing for now other than have a tag.
    • Peace Keeper
    • Lore Keepr
    • Saber Artisan
    • Tech Expert 
    • Librarian
  • Added new tagging and model system.
    • Gamemasters can now change the full tag of any non republic character nicely.
    • Much more efficient system for the server.
  • Added the option to directly buy cosmetics with credits to support the server instead of RC. (about 15% cheaper compared to cash packages).
  • Added Saber Cosmetics.
    • Currently all hilts are for 1RC for testing.
    • Will be cleared from your account on next update.
    • Does not work with INIT/APPR weapons.
  • Added several facial cosmetics.
    • Shown when your helmet is taken off.
  • Added craftable armour to the crafting bench.
  • Added crafting bench to the Temple.
  • Added Craftable saber parts that can be used to create a random cosmetic.
  • Added new train state for the new training system that is upcoming.
  • Added stimkits to lore medics.
  • Added ARM5 to ARC.
  • Added OOC mute option to F4.
  • Added session based XP boost to the HUD
  • Added tool-tips to all item UIs
  • Added /eventcharacters which will now toggle event character spawning instead of /event.
    • /event will be used for something else in the future, please get used to only using it when you start an event. ?
  • Updated all rank permissions and tag names to be the same across all groups.
  • Updated bodygroup and skin changes to a one time unlock.
  • Updated Apprentice rank to Padawan.
  • Updated repair tool to give XP and work with more vehicles.
  • Updated all battalion models.
    • Most backpacks were removed from battalion members.
    • Helmet is now removable.
    • Compressed materials and removed old shitty materials
    • Thanks to @JeffChase
  • Updated several packs with missing models and materials.
  • Updated battalions, ui, cosmetics, vehicles and weapons packs.
  • Updated weapon stats.
  • Updated Loadout system to support class specific whitelists.
  • Updated several database tables to be more efficient.
  • Updated several net messages to be more efficient.
  • Updated character menu to display your current battalion for that character.
  • Updated grenade fuse time from .5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Updated LT to 1LT and 2ndLT to 2LT
  • Updated Vulture and Tri-Wing health values.
  • Updated Saber toolgun
    • Left click now gives the weapon to the targeted player.
    • Right click gives to yourself.
    • Will prioritise cosmetic settings over tool settings.
  • Updated Jedi health values.
    • Subject to be reverted. Cool your gun jumping tits.
  • Updated RC and ARC models. @Tobester
  • Fixed scrollpanels, grids and tab buttons resizing incorrectly.
  • Fixed missing cosmetic models.
  • Fixed grenade ammo exploit.
  • Fixed ammo being given back by explosive kills.
  • Fixed weaponry on land vehicles.
  • Fixed camera view on several vehicles.
  • Fixed repairing on several vehicles.
  • Fixed ship UIs incorrect padding.
  • Fixed cosmetics not working when saber is equipped.
  • Fixed various missing fonts.
  • Fixed Consular, Guardian, Knight and Event saber weapons being in the wrong weapon slot.
  • Fixed the server loading packed content every map change. (possible server2 map change crash fix)
  • Fixed loadouts incorrectly updating when leaving or joining a battalion.
  • Fixed armoury NPC position.
  • Removed old UI panels.
  • Removed Multi-Core setting.
  • Removed unneeded models and materials from content packs.
  • Removed meditate AOE heal.
  • Removed tool gun placement effects and sounds.

Quick notes

Time-Locked crafting

Saber crystals dropped by killed droids can now be used to craft sabre colours by a sabre artisan. An artisan can only craft 1 item every 4 days but anyone can consume the item. Jedi can give them out as rewards via quests or competitions. In the future they will also be able to craft select hilts with the others being paid for via RC. May be used for something more in the future.

Group system

The group system has been fully recoded and while I have tried my best to test with a handful of people and mainly by myself there might be some nasty bugs. Please report the bugs and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible. You will have to set players to their correct classes as they were not converted over. Every other rank should have converted just fine.


Group Commands

If it says you do not have permission that may also just mean you are not putting in the correct groupid or rankid. These commands are meant for the UI rather than human use so ye.

  • gforceinvite <player> <groupid> <rankid> (optional <classid>)
  • gkick <player> <groupid>
  • gpromote <player> <groupid> <rankid>
  • gsetclass <player> <groupid> <classid>
  • gsetagenda <groupid> <agenda>
  • gleave


  • NAVY
  • JEDI
  • CG
  • RP
  • RC
  • ARC
  • ARF
  • RM
  • GM
  • 501st
  • 501TC
  • 212th
  • 212AB
  • 187th
  • 327th
  • 327KC
  • 41st
  • 41GC
  • 104th
  • 9th
  • Civilian


  • ADM
  • VADM
  • RDM
  • RDML
  • CAPT
  • CMDR
  • LT
  • LTJG
  • EN
  • MIDN
  • WO1
  • MCPO
  • SCPO
  • CPO
  • PO1
  • PO2
  • PO3
  • CREW


  • INIT


  • CDR
  • XO
  • COL
  • LTC
  • MAJ
  • CPT
  • 1LT
  • 2LT
  • WO
  • SGM
  • 1SG
  • MSG
  • SFC
  • SSG
  • SGT
  • CPL
  • LCPL
  • PFC
  • PVT



  • JEDIMASTERC (linked)
  • JEDIGUARDIANC (linked)
  • JEDICONSULARC (linked)
  • JEDISENTINELC (linked)
  • KIT

All battalion lores are their group followed by name in caps for example: 501KIX, 501CORIC, 104WOLFFE, RCFI, RCFIXER.

  • Winner 31
  • Friendly 2
  • Optimistic 1
  • Late 1
  • Bad Spelling 1
  • Dumb 1
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Thank you lord. Plus on S2 why is it just knight+ for cosmetics? Wouldn’t it be better to have a larger test group? they can’t use them on S1. Just a genuine question.

edit: will droids be reset to CTs after the update or will their tags carry over?

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