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11/13/2018 - SSRP CW Update


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  • Added new weapon base.
    • All damages and accuracy has been changed.
    • Added Republic AT Launcher
    • New scopes.
    • New animations and model adjustments. (Many thank yous to @JeffChase)
    • New tracers. Tracer dynamic lights will be disabled when minimal mode is enabled (saves a lot of FPS for people with issues).
    • Better movement
    • E+R to change modes.
    • Duals can run and gun
    • All weapons have better accuracy when holding right click.
  • Added a way to avoid knockback damage from weapons (will be tweaked over time, currently a little buggy).
  • Added sounds to npc deaths, hurt and random convo bites
  • Fixed error from invalid character name message
  • Fixed error when trying to set an invalid rank on a character
  • Fixed error when trying to interact with a keypad owned by a disconnected player
  • Fixed kicking online players from group
  • Fixed multiple scoreboard errors
  • Fixed presets being set wrong when leaving or being kicked from a group
  • Updated botw to reflect the new name changes.
    • Added gsetlia alias to gsetbotw as well. Thanks for the extra update line LUL.
  • Updated e5 to 40 damage
  • Updated material tool to whitelist only
  • Updated max battalion members to 600
  • Updated door and monitor health
    • From 10k to 3k
  • Updated NPC to basically aimbot with the e5
  • Removed ARF

Known bugs:

  • Stimkit first person and thirdperson is fucked.
  • Det first person is fucked.
  • Reload effect on M5 and DC15A is not implemented.


Sliding didn't make it in this update as it was too buggy. Will come next update 😄


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Just now, Thresh said:

Thank you for pulling the plug on ARF, I'm glad your stance on assisted suicide is in line with what needs to be done on the server. 

Further we shall push the Marxist views unto the server regime 

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