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03/02/2024 - CWRP Update


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  • Added Skins
    • DC15s.
    • NT242.
    • More to come over several updates.
  • Added Crosshair system.
    • Go to the "Crosshair" section in the F4 settings menu.
    • You can disable this and use the old system for most of the main weapons.
    • Colour will come at a later time for VIP+.
  • Updated Weapon Stats
    • Reduced recoil on the DC17 MBR.
    • Increased damage on the Trando Uzi to 60 from 55.
  • Updated Medical Documents module name to Bacta Tank Controller.
  • Updated Relationships menu to the HR bot.
  • Updated Gambling machine tax to 0.5% from 1%.
  • Updated Questing system
    • Expanded for more complex quests coming soon.
    • Random events check if a real GM ran event is running.
    • Added Palpatine as an Avatar.
  • Fixed "ADS Toggle" coming out of ADS if you keep your aim button held down.
    • Possibly fixes issues some people have with ADSing when Third Person ADS is enabled.
  • Fixed Character Slot item incorrectly telling client that they have too many character slot purchases.
  • Fixed the old Palpatine character being set as a droid in the CIS faction.
  • Removed Valentines update.
  • Winner 1
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