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3/23/2024 - DarkRP Update

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Danktown RC6:

  • The latest iteration of Danktown is here
  • There's more changes and additions than I can list so here's a few screenshots
    • Connect and explore to see the rest

2024-03-22_TidyZebratailedlizard.jpg 2024-03-22_SoftCoqui.jpg 2024-03-22_ExtralargeTermite.jpg


Credit Shop:

  • Added Permanent Sawed Off
    • You'll always spawn with am Extremely Sawed Off
    • Cost 2.5k Credits
  • The 2024 Easter Pack
    • Easter Egg Gun Skin
    • Easter Bunny Gun Skin
    • Bunny Hat or 500k if already owned
    • +20 Pocket Space
    • +10 Org Inventory Space
    • +1 Easter Egg
    • 12 Hour Printer Boost
    • Cost 4.5k Credits

2024-03-20_AromaticStarling.png 2024-03-20_ExpertCaecilian.png 2024-03-22_ItchyVicuna.png


Crafting Update - Part 1:

  • Labs now require different types of scap depending on what they produce:
    • Gun Labs: Metal Scrap
    • BMI Labs: Composite Scrap
    • Drug Labs: Pharmaceutical Scrap
    • All 3 of these types of scrap may be found in dumpsters
  • Added the Scrap Dealer Job
    • Sells all 3 types of scrap
    • May purchase Dank Web Market Terminals
    • This will be expanded in future updates
  • Gun Dealer may no longer buy guns from the F4 menu
    • They must now be crafted
    • This will be expanded to all merchant classes as we update the crafting system & improve the Dank Web Market


Job Spawns:

  • Raiding jobs now spawn in normal spawn
  • All jobs with custom spawns, such as Hobo, Cinema Owner, and Police will now spawn in regular spawn if you die too close to your spawn
    • Previously only police did this
  • Moved Hobo spawn to just outside of the cave to make room for building


Spawn Zone:

  • The following items are no longer allowed in spawn:
    • Gambling Machines
    • Donations Boxes
    • Ammo Stations
  • Due to recent rule changes regarding building around spawn and the new map the spawn areas have been adjusted




  • Property prices are now calculated at $1k per door excluding the entrances and double doors are counted as one door
    • Previously every door added $1k to the price
  • Removed Sasha & Jerome NPCs
    • In case you missed the last update or the reminders when trying to use them you now sell to them through the Dank Web Market Terminal
  • Re-named the Dark Web Market to the Dank Web Market
  • Diseases are now cured when you die
  • Fixed the cameras selfie mode producing blurry pictures
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Can you still have Shelves out in the streets or must they be within bases aswell?

Map looks dope, can't wait to explore it

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time to unban @ice cube. so i can get some new bases

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What does RC6 stand for?

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53 minutes ago, Kredorish said:

What does RC6 stand for?

RC is used as a post mapname abbreviation. It's Release Candidate.

When making a map, versions usually go A->B->C->RC

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