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3/29/2019 - Update


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  • Added a command to open peoples SUP profile (/profile)


  • Tools:
    • Added some minor extra reload & left click functions to tools (see help info)
    • Added better help info
    • Fixed tools with no help info
    • Fixed the fix for stacker ghosts
  • Added suicide by cop death reason
  • Removed time from zombies HUD
  • You now get unwanted when the mayor kills you
  • Fixed org MoTD text being very low quality
  • Fixed being killed by police sometimes not unwanting you
  • Fixed premium org label showing when you close the org menu
  • Fixed submaterial tool menu showing when you're not looking at a prop
  • Fixed F4 menu not displaying food when you're a cook and disguised
  • Fixed being able to undo fading doors after disconnecting and reconnecting
  • Fixed being able to buy items when you are dead
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Edit: Holy shit actually got first, time to really reply!
Suicide by cop death reason. That's cool as heck. New deathscreen ftw
Stacker ghosts is fixed??? Finally!!!!

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